Wednesday, December 16, 2009

Spelling Error

Please, people! You have to tell me!

I have always been a poor speller. (I'm pretty sure I talked about this before.) It plagues my soul comparable only to the way my terrible house-keeping skills do. The spell checker isn't even that helpful. It will often tag words that are not spelled wrong. I try to look up words before I send them out into the great throng of people-smarter-than-me, but now and then, a mistake gets through.

In a recent post, I wrote about the ridiculous things my children demand. But, instead of ridiculous (laughable, preposterous), I wrote ridicules (derision, mockery). TOTALLY DIFFERENT WORD! If I had just written it once, it could have been written off as a typo, but I wrote it twice. Twice and not one of you thought it would be prudent to save me from myself.

Next time you notice a gross error such as this, please send me a private email and tell me. I don't care if you are gentle or rude, funny or pithy, just get the information from your head to mine.

Thank you, forever.


  1. To tell you the truth I didn't even notice, which tells you how bad of a speller I am. Its one of those things with my mind where I just saw the first and last letter and put in the rest!!

  2. I am a good speller (won the spelling bee in 5th grade - whew!) - and I didn't notice. I like Windows LiveWriter - it has a Word-like spellchecker.

  3. I ams SO glad I am not the only one.