Sunday, January 3, 2010

Fun in the Sun . . . er . . .

One Decemberish day last week, we decided to go for a drive. Dad is on Christmas break so although he is working full time, we are seeing him a lot more than usual. We live not too far from Yellowstone National Park--famous for it's geothermal features. Our area boasts of several of the same types of features that remind us that we are very near melted rock, scalding water, and explosive pockets of air. Heck yes! Let's go stand on top of it all and take pictures! But, I digress. The neighboring town had some people searching for hot water to build a swimming pool and were blowing up rocks with dynamite. Their fooling around caused a severe backlash by Mother Nature and they created a geyser. They let the thing do it's thing until the folks from Yellowstone called and told them they were messing with Old Faithful's faithfulness and they needed to fix it. They now have the worlds only captive geyser. They cap it and let it blow every hour on the hour. It blows over 100 feet in the air and makes quite a scene.

Look closely. Do you see my pods?
It was December. It was cold, snowy, and windy. This is what my children were doing:

They were completely drenched by the spray of the geyser. I was up on the platform when it started--a long, slippery walk down to them--and didn't get there in time to be their brain.

I keep emergency blankets in the car. I always thought they would be used if we were stranded by a blizzard somewhere in the mountains. Why would I think that? Obviously, they were for the children who realized that winter isn't the ideal time to run through sprinklers. Even hot water, they discovered, FREEZES.

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