Friday, January 8, 2010

In the Mail

A box from my mother arrived in the mail.  She is really good at gifts--really good--so I always get excited when her boxes come.

Inside was this pretty little box.  I opened the lid to discover this:

"Oh, cool!" I thought.  I love graph paper.

Lifting the graph paper, I found this:

I know it's silly and I know I shouldn't have, but I cried at the sight of this gift.  My mother knows me.

It has all of the Katrina Cottages, which have long intrigeud me.  (Plus, it's from my favorite store.)

 It shows a couple of examples in which small homes can be built and then added upon as finances permit.

So smart.  Build as you can afford, instead of building a house for the bank to own for the first thirty years you live there.

After the Katrina Cottages, there are hundreds of other plans--all for small houses!

Many are designed with the option of building part, then building on later.

Stone . . . Dutch gables . . . porches . . . shutters . . . fireplaces . . . Oh, help.

Many, many hours will be spent with this gift.  Anyone interested in schooling my children for a few weeks?  I'm gonna be busy.


  1. What a fun gift & a cute mom!!! I love going through house plans. So much fun - When you finish playing with that book - you might want to look at I love a lot of their designs.

  2. Your mom is sooo great! She loves you and also reminded me that she loves me in our Christmas card this year. It was one of the best things I received in the mail this Christmas!