Friday, January 1, 2010


It seems like there is a time in everyone's life when they see a picture of themselves and notice themselves for what seems like the first time. For some, it may mean losing weight, getting a haircut or never wearing red again. For me, it was stand up straight, you fool!
My great-grandmother had terrible osteoporosis which resulted in a C-shaped back. But she was old. I have that same back at age thirty-two. Here I am opening my new Crock-pot on Christmas. (My . . . um . . . maturity is showing in the fact that I was thrilled with that gift.)
Look at my back! Ewww. I refuse to believe that it is too late to correct my hump. Therefore, I resolve to be vigilant about my posture. I resolve to strengthen my oft stretched and parted abdominal muscles to prevent the slump. I resolve to stop allowing my knees to hyper-extend, fuller encouraging the slouch.

Parenthetically, I recently looked down at my weird, wrinkly belly and my sad, post-weaning nursers and wondered aloud, "Whose body is this?"
Has that happened to anyone else?


  1. the conclusion I have made living in Utah and being surrounded by overly concerned women with their bodies....

    your "wrinkly belly and your sad, post-weaning nursers"- they are beautiful- perfect in the eyes of the Lord-

    My stretch marks are my battle wounds to bearing beautiful children- my saggy stomach means I have Julia and Kenzie (big healthy babies) and my shriviled up boobs mean I gave the best nutrition to my babies...and that I held them and snuggled with them A it is all beautiful despite what we or the world may think.

    I am so sick of hearing about lipo suction, tummy tucks and boob jobs around here- I grew up with Jean Demars and Perry Chapman...hard working loving moms with saggy boobs- I thought that was the next step to beautiful in life...not that I will have 10+ kids or anything...

    I am still stuck on Marjorie Hinckley...I think she is my new idol.

  2. No--I still look perfect. ;)

  3. Just don't look too close. A painting is always more beautiful a few-(10?)-feet (or more) away. ;)

  4. Oh, my dear, dear friend. I slump. It's ugly. I hate it. I resolve to correct it with you. I'll send you a pic that Matt loves and I'm totally slouched in it. Oh, and I hate my body.