Saturday, February 20, 2010

Phase One

Before. Gunked up with layers of paint--so bad that the hardware often stuck.

After. Stripped of paint, the antique brass hardware with it's beautiful patina, works smoothly.

Before. (Actually, it's another set of cabinets because I forgot to take a before picture of the now finished side.) The grody white latex based paint over oil based enamel was chipped and would wash off each time I washed the cabinet fronts.

After. Sanded smooth then primed. Painted to embrace and even emphasize the aged wood and sealed under a couple of coats of polyurethane.

It's kind of hard to tell from the pictures, but these lower cabinets are kind of a pistachio green. I'm pleased with how they are coming out, but still 2/3rds of the cabinets to do. A lot of work!


  1. They're gorgeous! I love how they look antique but not beat up and ratty.

  2. I love the change! I love the antique hardware.....way to go with all of that work. Tearing up the kitchen is the hardest. I am still trying to muster the courage to paint my cabinets. I got new hardware, but they really could use a paint job. You are amazing!

  3. The hardware is BEAUTIFUL! (That was in a sing-song voice, in case you couldn't tell.)