Thursday, February 4, 2010

Proud of Her

This is my favorite sister. She is two years older and oh so much wiser.

She recently decided to go back to college. That can be an intimidating prospect (even when it is exciting) for anyone, but especially someone who hasn't been to school for over fifteen years. She went in to take her placement exams. She looked around the testing room at the other prospective students--still pimply, wearing pajama pants with fully done hair and make-up, and some boys who hadn't even reached their full adult height--and wondered "What am I doing here?"

Nonetheless, she took the test and turned it in.

She scored 100%.

My Mollie is taking on this newest challenge so carefully. She has small children and has vowed to be their mom first. Most of her courses will be online so she can utilize nap time, late nights and early mornings. She will not miss kid sporting events, parent-teacher meetings or music concerts. At the same time, she will be sending an obvious message that learning is important to her--important enough to work hard and earn that learning. Wise, I'm telling you.

Way to go, Mollie. You give us all courage to just give it a try, whatever it is we want to do.

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