Sunday, February 14, 2010


The other day at work, Justin's co-workers (all girls) reminded him that Valentine's Day was coming up. He just nodded and told them it was all taken care of. They immediately dropped what they were doing and gathered around with question marks in little bubbles over their heads. "What, what? What are you doing?" He then told him his plan--a plan about which I still only have a partial clue. "Ohhh, Justin! You are a hopeless romantic," they crooned.

He came home and told me about this conversation. I corrected the assumption the girls made. "You are not a hopeless romantic," I told him. "You are married to a hopeless romantic. You are a trained romantic."

A couple of days ago, I received, in the mail, an invitation from my husband. It was in a white business envelope, but he had colored on a heart with a ball point pen. He printed the invite on pink paper. He used clip art. Clip art! This is a big technological step for him.

There is a book out there about love languages--how we all recognize love in different ways. I've never read it, but I know that sometimes showing love is giving it in a way that makes no sense to you.

Like clip art on pink paper in a regular envelope with a little heart inked in a red Bic.

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