Sunday, March 7, 2010

At Least They Take Turns

Last night was particularly crappy. I wasn't feeling well so I got everyone to bed then tried to hit the hay early. The toddler woke up with a minor medical issue. After taking care of that and halting her screaming, I was just falling asleep when the six year old arrived with a case of the I'm scared s (or the I'm cold s or the I need you s--take your pick). After she was warm and comforted (and asleep) the four year old came knocking. She had the everyone left me s and wouldn't be comforted in a way that relieved me of saving duty. I now had a husband, a wife, and three daughters in one queen sized bed. There was literally no room for me. I passed the measly remainder of the night curled in a ball at the foot of the bed. I awoke tired, stiff, and sore. And grumpy. (An excuse, really, because of my last post: It isn't usually like this.)

But, morning comes, as it always does, even if you have been up most of the night with sick and scared and lonely children, and, in my house, that means a lot of hungry, soggy kids, who slept just fine. (That sentence has 8 commas. I'm sure I did something wrong there.) As the toddler hollers into my pillow creased face that she is ready for food NOW, I moaned, "Go get it yourself."
In walks a savior in the form of her.

Here making an apron for her doll, Ginger Joy.

She changed the diaper, made a cup of cocoa and played with our sweet littlest until I could muster the strength and will to get my own rear end out of bed to do my job. I have a feeling that all three of us benefited from her selflessness.

And I'm so glad that, most of the time, they take turns being difficult.


  1. God bless the child... and the mama who with eyes open to see.

  2. What an angel! My middle one has compassion when I just can't face the morning. Definitely a blessing to all.