Monday, March 29, 2010

Easter Clothes

Since next Sunday is General Conference, we pulled out our Easter duds a week early. Every year, we are ripping out of the door just in time to get to church and I either forget to take pictures or the pictures I get are hasty and in the hall of the church.

This year, I was not going to do it that way. We got out of the door with twenty minutes to spare. But it was SO windy at the park, that I only got a few pictures where at least one girls' face wasn't covered in her own windswept hair.

By the time we got to church (three blocks away), their carefully done hair (and mine) was a rat's nest with ribbons.Then the twirly skirts got the better of them. They couldn't help themselves!
This last one is my favorite. The girls delighting in the springiness of the day, the twirlyness of the skirts; the boy surrounded. He is one lucky kid.
I loved having the Easter program the week before Easter. Now we have this whole week to celebrate and remember. We can have the eggs, candy and baskets next Sunday morning and I won't worry that the Atonement/Resurrection teachings will be pushed to the side.
Motherhood is the best.


  1. those skirts are the cutest ever...

  2. the skirts are soo cute i love mine and i am glad that i sewed it!

  3. Loved the outfits. They looked great. You also looked fabulous and you need to post a picture of your own hip spring fashions!

  4. Oh Mothership!!! Those skirts are darling. I especially love the picture of the dapper young man with his four younger sisters twirling in delight around him. PRICELESS!!!

  5. GIRL POD! Did you say you sewed your own skirt? Wow! Everyone looks great, but more importantly they all look happy. Did mama get a new skirt too?