Monday, March 22, 2010

The End of Many Careers


House sends health care overhaul bill to Obama

No matter how you feel about nationalized health care, this is a terrible bill. (Some states excluded from paying extra taxes, existing health insurance companies paying some of the taxes to fund this other health care program, some guy in an office chair deciding which care Americans will receive, you can only have $2500 in a medical savings account which negates much of the fiscal responsibility of fiscally responsible people, I could go on . . .)

I'm sorry, children, to give you such a mess.


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  1. Right there with ya. Reforms are needed. IRS agents in cahoots with the Dept of HHS, not so much.

  2. And they did it on the Lord's day... why did they have to have their vote on the Sabbath?

  3. You don't mess with Alicia's Sabbath. . . the universe needs a Sabbath.

  4. THAT IS RIGHT PAULA! This planet's breaking of the sabbath law may just be throwing a wrench in the entire cosmos!