Wednesday, March 24, 2010

His Dream

So, while I am searching for the perfect house plan that looks something like this,
my husband shows me this:

Yes. It is a bunker.

To quote from the flyer, "It is the only private land for 12 miles. There are hidden caves which I will show to the new owner. These caves have not likely seen any humans besides myself and my boys."

Apocalypse much?

Or how about this selling point "Step outside the front door and you can fire a pistol, throw knives, strip naked, whatever!"

You could even make this guy mad, with no negative consequences.

Forget charm, comfort and beauty. We're going for indestructibility. Really.


After reading this, my husband hollers from the other room, "I did not say I wanted to live there! Everybody is gonna think I'm some kind of kook." He is not a kook. He would happily live in the candy house of Hansel and Gretel's witch, if I so desired.
And I just might.


  1. Love looking at houses. When we were house shopping, I thought about considering the LDS institute building that was for sale in the Valley. Oh, and I ran across this blog and wanted to show it to you. Fun stuff!

  2. I guess I am married to the "Kook" because my hubby DOES want to build a house with tunnels and the like. His other dream house is an actual tree house. He's been researching and collecting info for about two years. Really.

  3. Paula! Love the site. Thank you!!

    Robin--yes, I know your kook. (: But, really, I'm talking about the end-of-the-world types.