Tuesday, March 30, 2010

The Hotel

Once per year, either my husband or I attends a home schooler's conference in another city. (I am slowly blogging about what I learned this year here.) We usually get a cheap hotel room--which makes March a highlight month for our pods. Of course, there is the swimming, the elevators, the continental breakfast (they eat once at 6:30 and again right before it closes at 10), the ice machine and the complimentary cookies at bedtime (which no manager would offer if they really knew how many cookies five children can eat). There are the tiny shampoos, the fluffy towels, and the showers that stay hot no matter how long you stand under the stream. All of these factors are thrilling for everyone under four feet tall. But the thing that trumps them all?

The T.V.

We didn't get a whole lot of T.V. when we were kids, so every time we went to a friends' house, what do you suppose we wanted to do? Watch T.V. (and eat white bread).

Even after they were tucked into bed, it was all about T.V.

And I refuse to feel bad about it.


  1. Nor should you!

    We road-trip every summer. The kids CAN'T WAIT for the arrival at the motel each night. A new adventure at every turn!

    That last picture is adorable, too.

  2. The TV is my kids favorite part of hotels too! It is so novel to them, but they can't stand the commercials : )