Thursday, March 11, 2010

Key Hooks

I'm getting close to the Big Reveal, but for now, here is one more piece of the kitchen puzzle. The board that used to hold keys no longer matched the color scheme I was creating in the kitchen so I whipped up this little ditty. It really helped to bring it all together--the red, brown and blue green of the cabinets.

I just used a small piece of scrapwood that fit the space and nailed a two inch cap on top. I then distressed the whole thing using the same technique I used on the cabinets (how to coming soon). Using a framing nail to puncture a hole through a metal band, I then screwed the band onto the cap piece. Screw in hooks, tighten the band around a Ball jelly jar and added Spanish moss, berries, and keys.

Simple and fairly quick--you, too, can make this project!


  1. absolute love at first site (: Who wouldn't want to hand their keys there?

  2. I love it, need a key hanger in my house!

  3. How clever of you! I am so excited to see final pictures. What a project. Do you kids tear the rest of the house apart while you're working?