Saturday, March 27, 2010

Signs of Spring

It is snowing in a serious January type of way. We were laying about getting sun kissed (or, at least my mother tried to convince me that that was what my freckles were) just two days ago. This is March, in my part of the world. I was visiting with some of our neighbor friends tonight about the crazy weather and my crazy kids.

"I promise, I do try to tell my kids to quiet down when they are playing outside," I proclaimed.

"Oh, really?" she replied.

Heh, heh. Yup, I know it's hard to believe.

"Actually, I don't mind the noise," she insisted. "It is a good sound. I was just telling Shay the other day, 'Some people wait for the sounds of birds or the budding of flowers to tell them that spring has arrived. I just listen for the Sanders' kids.' "

Glad to help.


  1. It has been wild weather lately, hasn't it? I love the sound of kids screaming and playing outside. Because they aren't screaming inside!

  2. Great picture, Em.
    Ah, the dance of the elements... that is the weather in March.
    You can get every type all in a single day.