Thursday, April 15, 2010

Staring at the Fire

I recently read:

The first day of spring and the first spring day are sometimes months

That is definitely true in my area.

Yesterday was certainly a first day of spring. We worked outside, played outside and got a healthy dose of vitamin D. After it all, we built a fire (we have this very cool, very old rock fireplace in our back yard) and roasted s'mores. I should have take fabulous pictures of children with burning marshmallow bombs, sticky fingers, people eating desserts that are too giant and awkward to fit in anyone's mouth with any kind of grace, but I didn't. I was too busy keeping children alive holding my dear ones close.

We sat in the perfect evening cool, staring into the fire, letting it's hypnosis take us away. There are moments and sometimes whole days when I feel overwhelmed and unable to do it all. Then, there are those bits, like last night by the fire, when I can feel the peace creep back into my soul. I can take a breath, no one is fighting, everyone is happy and laughing.

Parenthood is hard--probably the hardest thing one could ever do. I think that is what makes the reward times so rewarding. And, even though I often think I can't do it, I'm glad that I somehow do, because then, I get the moments by the fire--marshmallow kisses and all.

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