Saturday, April 17, 2010

What I Can't

Also on the list of Things I Cannot Do: cross my eyes. I can only do it if my finger is on my nose. I've tried and practiced, but can't make them stay crossed. It is a skill I've always envied in others. It would be a most useful expression.

"We were going to be on time, until we were stopped by a train with 189 cars (cross eyes)," for example.

How about, "I just sat in a high school gym, with dance music blaring, for six and a half hours watching a dance competition. Oh! and I had all of my children because my husband works on Saturdays (cross eyes and add an exaggerated head role)."

Hollered up the stairs an eye-crossing statement might be, "Someone dumped out Monopoly, again!"

or, the obvious, "The toddler escaped again and is running around outside--and she's naked."

But, of course, these are completely made up, unlikely scenarios. Actually, now that I come right down to it, I doubt I would ever use crossed eyes. Hum. Well, never mind.

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