Thursday, May 13, 2010


My husband has a wholly different level of tolerance for scary stuff than I. While I can simply not handle scary, for him, it is entertaining and imaginative. (It's not real at all, he tries to tell me. I can suspend reality and believe that people will suddenly jump into song and dance in the middle of the market--and fully expect that to happen for me someday--I can't do the same for horror.)

Lately, they (meaning my husband and his spawn) have been watching The X Files on Netflix. I have no problem with fantasy and science fiction, but sometimes this show crosses the line into freak-you-out land. Some of my children have been scared by the "evil" aliens on the show. After too many kids in my bed for too many nights, I finally sat down with them and explained aliens.

"Yes, there are aliens. Heavenly Father created billions of worlds and His children are on many of them. Just because we haven't found them, doesn't mean we don't know what they look like. Do you remember who we look like?," they answer. "Yes, we were created in the image of God. Does that mean we are all twins with God? No, it means we all have two eyes, a nose, mouth and ears. It means we all walk on our feet. We might have green eyes or brown eyes, yellow hair or black hair, red beards or no beards, but we are all in the image of God. Now, do you think that aliens, who are also created in the image of God, look like crazy green blobs? No! Do you think they are fire spitting monsters? Of course not."

We looked up some scriptures to back up my arguments and no one was afraid of aliens when they left my side to go play.

Fast forward to the top of the hour news.

"MOM! There are ALIENS in Arizona!! I just heard it on the news!"

Oh, crap. Let's start again.

"Yes, there are Extra Terrestrials . . . "

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  1. hahahahhaa, so funny.

    and yes, I don't like that kind of scary creepy stuff either.