Sunday, May 9, 2010

Favorite Book

You know how people are always asking for your favorite? Favorite color, favorite season, favorite movie, and et cetera. Some answers are black and white; my favorite color is red, my favorite number is 8, my favorite tree is a Sugar Maple. But some answers are tricky; my favorite food changes depending on whether I'm pregnant or the season, my favorite movie can only be narrowed to favorite of the genre. One "favorite" question that trips (Okay, is that "trips" as in makes me stumble or "tripps" as in Linda Tripp, the tricky friend? Hmmm . . .) me up is the "What is your favorite book" question.

Really? You want me to pick my favorite book? Out of all of these?

The other day, though, I picked up a book and plopped in my reading chair. I flipped to a section about braided rugs. (I love braided rugs. I would marry a braided rug, 'cept they won't let me because of the polygamy laws. Whateves.) It is my go-to book.

After studying several pages, I sat up, closed the book, held it out with both hands and declared, "This is my favorite book!"

I was so excited to be able to say that!

I ran out to my husband and announced, "I know what my favorite book is! If I had to choose one book besides the Bible to take with me on a desert island, I know what book I would bring. This is such a LOAD off my MIND. I can go to parties again. I can fill in questionnaires about myself. I am whole!" He grinned at me and clucked appropriately. I took a deep sigh and held it to my chest. What a feeling.

Do you want to know what it is? Reader's Digest's Back to Basics. If you have ever wondered how to do anything, this book will teach you. There are instructions on milking a cow--then teaches what the heck to DO with the milk you just . . . um . . . milked. Ever wondered what was in every good housewife's apothecary bag? It's in the book. Want to build a stone wall? Gotcha covered. If you want to move off the grid and build your own stinking house, this book will teach you how. Be it straw, sticks or brick, the instructions are here. It will even give hints as to which way your house should face and what kinds of trees to plant to be protect against the weather. Make a quilt or jam or a poultice for your burn. Grow a garden in a city, build a sweat lodge, or make ice cream using your own fresh cream and berries. Stack your firewood the right way, build a chicken coop, or organically rid yourself of pests. I'm telling you, turn one page and you'll be completely sucked in.

And, seriously, if you were stranded on a desert island, wouldn't you want the book that would teach you how to, not only survive, but enjoy your time?

That's what I thought.


Emily, who has a favorite book.


  1. I got a similar book for my father-in-law a bit ago. I loved it. I really wanted it myself.

  2. I guess I'd better check it out from the library. Although, I'll admit just the title is intimidating to me.

  3. That's a book I have always wanted! I have had it cross my path over the years and here it is again. I guess it's time to do something about that. Glad to know it's as awesome as I've heard.