Saturday, May 1, 2010


Tonight my son said, "Sometimes you just want something that will, you know, challenge you. I don't just want easy reading all of the time." That makes me happy. I wanted to stop the car and jump around for a minute; that kind of happy.

Yesterday, Greet from Belgian Pearls, wrote a post about what makes her happy. She had been asked by an admirer to describe ten things that make her happy and I decided that, even though Greet has no idea who I am and I wasn't tagged and no one from that chain of happiness will ever stop by, I wanted to write my own Happiness post. Here goes, in no particular order.

  1. Music, music, music. From Beyonce to Chopin, Jack Johnson to hymns, Bonnie Raitt to Mr. Rogers, music is an essential part of my life.
  2. When I click Spell Check and it reads No Misspellings Found.
  3. Doing something hard--especially something I really thought I couldn't do.
  4. Watching my children do something hard--especially something they really thought they couldn't do.
  5. Beautiful words, flora, rooms, and skin
  6. Witnessing kindness in a family, between friends, among strangers; all.
  7. When one of my children see a need and responds, unprompted.
  8. Belly laughs.
  9. Being counted reliable.
  10. Peace of conscience.

At this spring time of year, happiness comes more easily. As Edwin Way Teale said, "All things seem possible in May."

What makes you happy? (Feel free to post ten things on your own blog!)

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