Wednesday, May 26, 2010

Master Bedroom

This is the second room in our formerly dungeonesk basement. This room used to have crumbling walls and chipping paint. I was always worried about lead from this room finding it's way around the house. Also, even though it was in the shape of a bedroom, it couldn't be used as one because of the tiny, screwed shut window. We probably should have had caution tape all over the basement!

Now, with a window!

Being a basement bedroom, we obviously don't have much of a view. I've planted a little garden in the window well, including mosses, cascading moneywort, sedum and thyme. It is a secluded, green little spot that is much prettier to look at than my neighbor's tires. Sometime this summer, when it is nicely filled in, I'll show it to you. A basement view doesn't have to be corrugated metal.

The ceiling is 6'2", so you can't be a tall one to live here! I wanted to make the room seem taller than it was, so I painted a short, chocolate brown wainscot with a light, misty blue on top, including the ceiling. I chose a high sheen paint to reflect light and put several mirrors on the walls. I think all the optical illusions worked--the room feels much bigger than it is.

Years ago, my mom painted the four seasons oval paintings. I stitched a simple abbreviation of the Ephesians scripture To Every Thing there is a Season and framed it in a rectangle to balance the round of the paintings. I do not know why, but winter is upside down. Maybe somebody in my house is mad that it snowed in May.

There is no room for an actual headboard, so I just put a small shelf above the bed with the lamps on either side. It makes a focal point and gives the illusion of a headboard.

My mother painted the flowering vine to mimic the pattern on my bedspread. It gives the room so much character--it feels like a Bavarian retreat. In fact, though I (barely) didn't deliver at home, my last labor was a comfortable one because of this peaceful, soothing room.

Every time I walk in my bedroom, I can feel my shoulders relax.

And this crazy mothership NEEDS that kind of a room.

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  1. So, are you saying that you just put in that egress window? if so, how? did you do it yourself? also, have you ever posted a picture of your sun room? (is that what it's called? you know, between the front door and the other front door?)because i think that it is soo beautiful, it needs to be shared. :)