Saturday, May 22, 2010

Missing Doll

(The doll, not the girl)

I know this desperate plea will only apply to some of you, but we need your help.  My daughter's beloved doll is missing.  I'm sure she has just been "put to bed" in a box or drawer somewhere, but we can't find her.  I usually don't let her take Daisy anywhere, but she doesn't always obey me (!!).

I think she is wearing an orange and white dress, though she changes often.  She may *blush* even be sans clothes.  She has been missing for a few weeks, now, and my little girl is so sad.  Please, please check. 


The mother of Heartbroken

1 comment:

  1. Hey, we may not be able to actually look around for Daisy....but we sure can do something we know works when something is lost: Pray to find the lost thing.

    Little "Prayers to find Daisy" are coming your way. Good Luck!