Sunday, May 9, 2010

Mother Gifts

My family made me a wonderful breakfast in bed, they cleaned up the kitchen after, they bought me a beautiful bird bath for my gardens, they made me sweet cards that said sweet things. All of these things were special and helped make my day, but the real gifts came this way:

  • When the toddler was acting up in church, the nine year old took her out in the hall. When she was brought back, she made huge hand motions and declared, in no uncertain terms, "Noooo! I don't want Mama!" It didn't hurt my feelings at all because the person she wanted was her sister. Gift for Mom.
  • After dinner, one child was directed to do the dishes, her sister did them for her. Gift for Mom.
  • At a random, quiet moment, the four year old came to me and, with a big hug, said, "Happy Mother's Day, Mom. I just love you so much." Gift for Mom.
  • "Mom, I'm going to make myself some lemonade. Do you want some?" Gift for Mom.
  • "Thank you for doing the dishes for me," said the served sister with a grateful hug. Unprompted thank you, mind you. Gift for Mom.
  • When I laid down on the couch for a moment to rest, someone took off my shoes and covered me with a blanket. Gift for Mom.
  • Big brother helping his sister get ready for church. His gentle care brought tears to my eyes. Gift for Mom.

Thank you, family, for all of the gifts you gave me today. The ones that show your goodness were the greatest of them all. I did indeed have a Happy Mother's Day.

(Of course, I would have been sulking and not noticed the kind words and deeds if I hadn't gotten the breakfast in bed. )

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  1. Awh, so precious!! The acts are the real things that get remembered. I love the "help getting dressed". That is so sweet!!