Saturday, May 8, 2010

Mother's Day Blues

When I was a brand new mother, I remember being thrilled with the prospect of Mother's Day. It was exciting to be a part of this uniting celebration. We all have a mother.

I went to church that day and was surprise at how many women said they always dreaded Mother's Day. That, I could not understand. How could a holiday that honors you be dreaded?

But, as I became a more experienced mother and learned how hard it can be, how many ways you can fail, how many more ways you can come up short, I understood how those mothers anticipated Mother's Day with a sense of foreboding. If you haven't bought that piano (or those lessons) yet, there is sure to be someone praising their mother for making the piano a central part of their home. If you lose your temper now and again, you'll hear someone telling how their mother never lost her patience, and so on. In other words, whatever your shortcomings, they are bound to be some other mother's strength.

So, I decided in those early years, that Mother's Day would always be a happy holiday for me. I wasn't going to wallow in my failings. I would try to use it as a day to be grateful that I have this houseful of mess-makers, noise-makers and joy-makers. When I start to feel guilty, I catch myself and find the peace that Heaven can send. Sometimes, happy is a decision.

I have begun to see a new side of Mother's Day; many of my friends have lost their mothers. I see them struggle to celebrate when their mom is no longer there. I see them miss their mothers--a miss like I've never known and probably won't until my own mother goes. My heart aches for my dear friends.

My mom is still with me. Today, I will try to value her a bit more as I learn more about how fleeting life can be.

I sincerely hope that today, for you, is a Happy Mother's Day.




  1. What a sweet picture of you and your mom. I think you have the right idea about Mother's Day. I've probably told you this before, but I decided early on I WOULD enjoy mother's day because I was so grateful to be a mother. I write letters to each of my children and put them in their special boxes. Maybe I'll let the older kids read them from past years tomorrow.
    Happy Mother's Day to a true mother!

  2. Sounds like you got mothers day all figured out. :)