Friday, May 28, 2010

Our Angels

My mom posted this on Facebook about my brothers. I had to share:

Nobody can have as much fun as I did last night watching the American Idol finale... watching it with 2 Down Syndrome sons was a party. Really! They clapped, woohoo'd, laughed with the crowd over what they could not understand, got sentimental and LOVED it.

Daniel said "You're welcome" every time someone thanked anyone-- just as if he was the bestower of the good fortune. Zack would turn to me after every performance and say "I love this... you mom?"

They jumped about hollering when the winner was announced. They hugged each other and then me. (It would not have mattered which one was the winner, they would have reacted the same.)

During the final song, with confetti fluttering everywhere, they swayed with their arms around each other and sang along. So what if they had no idea what they were singing.

One of the joys of living with angels.


  1. That is awesome!! So sweet!! Love the "You're Welcome". Now that's good manners!

  2. Pure Uninhibited Joy!! Absolutely Wonderful!!

    We need more of that in the world!!