Wednesday, May 5, 2010


Here is my sister and her family. You can compare their height's with Mickey. That really tall man on the right is fourteen. Yup. See what I have to deal with?

I grew up in a tall family. When I say tall, on most people's scale, they would be considered really tall.






Me.............."The Short One"

My uncles are all upwards of 6'6"--one narrowly missing 7'. My grandparents, tall. This particular grandfather always spoke of height as a defining point of beauty. I'm sure this kind of pride explains why none of my tall people slouch or worry about wearing heels.

But, here I am, at a measly 5'8" and will, from now on, only shrink.

I know, I know. I am supposedly on the tall side, for a woman, but I always wished I just had a couple of more inches.

Once, I told my super-sized uncle that we needed short people, too. He asked a puzzled, "Why?"

My husband comes from an average to below average height family. After I married into his family, I became quite tall. It's all about perspective, see. Aunt Judy can't reach 5' on her tip-toes. My life-long woes of being The Short One are completely irrelevant when I'm with my in-laws. With them, I become long and slender, not short and skinny. Though I am still freckled and don't fix my hair well.

Today, I stumbled upon a height predictor for children. After measuring and weighing and typing in all of their numbers, I realized that the combination of Justin genes and Emily genes created quite a spread.

We have one child who is in the 90% and may reach an adult height of 6'2".

We also have a child in the 8% and will be lucky if she reaches 5'.

And, it turns out, height doesn't matter as much as I thought. They are all simply awesome peeps.


  1. I love this-
    It was fun to check my kids predicted height.
    I have one reaching 6'5'' and the shortest at 5'7''. The one who was 5'7'' was sorely disappointed. It is hard for her to understand that her little sisters may be taller than her someday. ;)

  2. Height is a funny thing like that. My hubby is 6'4" and quite average for his familiy (his sis is 6'0 and bro and dad are 6'4). So at 5'10", I all of a sudden became the short one. Coming from a mother who is 5'4" and bio-dad was 6'0.