Monday, May 24, 2010

To the Earth!

I recently watched Food, Inc. You know how Super Size Me made you never want to eat at a fast food restaurant again? Well, this movie made me never want to eat food from a grocery store.

So, here's the plan.

We're going to buy forty or so acres. Twenty acres will be dedicated pasture land for grazing or alfalfa fields for harvesting. We'll raise a dairy cow and one or two steers to slaughter annually. We'll cultivate a good stock of poultry for eggs and meat. The few families (including my parents) will build a house on the property (which will be close enough to town for a commute to work), so we will all contribute to the work and the harvest. My dad, who knows this stuff, will tell us when and how to do the farm stuff and to keep the machines running. We will share in the big things, like the cattle, but we'll each have our own gardens and yards. We will not be subsidized, we will be mostly organic. I may start wearing a bonnet.

This might be a knee-jerk reaction, but my great-great grand father, Nebraska homesteader Grandad Derrick, would certainly approve!

Who's with me?


  1. So with you Emily! I can run the on site childcare:)

  2. I'm so with you Emily. Except I would raise goats for their milk instead of cows- a lot healthier.

    Joette just read a book about a lady who lived off the land for a year- it was an experiment at first, but it changed her life.

    40 acres these days would have to be a family contribution to even afford. I can't believe I always grew up on 10 acres and always took it for granted. Land like that now is a fortune.

    I think that sounds lovely...those pictures are from Spokane aren't they? they look like home to me.

  3. Yes, April. They are properties that are for sale right now. Pretty, huh?

  4. We have friends who raise grass-fed beef plus piggies & chickens in Kentucky (& they deliver to SC). It is so nice knowing where the meat is coming from. At first, I bought it just to support them in this new business venture. I saw Food, Inc. a week later though & was SO SO grateful to have nice happy (albeit dead) cows in my freezer.

    I have decided that I can't be a farmer, but I can find local growers whom I trust. We don't eat perfectly all the time, but I feel like we're moving in the right direction.

  5. I want in.....and I actually know a thing or two about cows....Like how to actually milk them by hand, and what to do with the milk once you have the wonderful-thick-frothy stuff in a bucket!

    Oh, those were the days! Early morning seminary, and even earlier morning milkings.

  6. If you liked the movie, you should read "The Omnivores Dilemma" by Michael Pollan. Or anything by him, really. It brings a whole new perspective on food! If you're serious about not using the grocery store as much, google local CSA's in your area. They end up being just as cost effective as regular shopping! Cheaper, even!

  7. Thanks for the referral, Alyssa. I'm glad summer is (almost) here so I can start eating more of the locally grown stuff. Hooray for gardens!

  8. Count me in. This has been my dream for the longest time.

  9. I wish I lived out there!! That scenario sounds like my dream life.