Wednesday, June 16, 2010


This is a good picture of my skin: freckled and speckled, wrinkly and uneven. One symptom of the thirties, apparently, is dull, lifeless skin with no more natural glow.

Last night, I went to get "a facial" from Mary Kay herself (okay, she's dead, but the girls she trained are just as good). I have been living under the delusion that a girl's night like this is supposed to make one feel good about the way they look. My daughter and I were excited for a night of pampering and trying new things on our "canvas." Turns out, my canvas has some severe problems. First, I was "brave" for coming without makeup. The lady leading us in the glamour session kept looking at me too close and offering me different solutions to my terrible skin. I need more sun protection, I need to watch out for skin cancer, I need this concealer and this foundation. This color would disguise and this color would diminish. The only time I was looked upon with approval was when I was completely done up--to the ends of my lashes.

Wouldn't Mary Kay's sellers do better if they emphasized the beauty of a woman, opposes to the make-up? I left thinking the only time it would be acceptable for me to go out in public is when I'm covered in something that isn't me. Now, don't get me wrong, I'm a make-up girl. I wear it every day even if I'm staying at home all day and I did feel pretty when they were done painting my face. But, I was in a slump for the rest of the night because I knew that under it all, I have big problems, I look older than I should, and I will have large portions of my face removed at some point because of invasive cancers.

I've always liked my freckles, as much as I complain about them. They are a part of me. While I want my dull and wrinkled skin to be bright and smooth, it's just not the way my skin was built. Make-up should showcase what is beautiful about a woman, rather than remind them of the parts that are ugly.

Besides, freckles are in. And I've earned my lines--I have a lot about which to smile.


  1. I love your freckles Emily.

    You don't look older than you are. Who are you comparing yourself to- Jennifer Anniston?

    I get moles. They just grow...mostly on my face? What can I do? love them and claim them as beauty marks.

    I think real glow comes from the eyes. A good sincere honest loving person is always beautiful because they have this glow thing about their eyes. Very attractive.

    Never been a fan of mary kay. You should try bare minerals. Love that stuff- gives you a nice glow that stays all day-

    anyway- I think you are beautiful.

  2. Remember these women are trained to sell makeup, and make everyone up with their "steps": first hide the blemishes and freckles with concealer, then put another layer of paint on to give an even tone, Then top off with a finish of powder! That's just to get the canvas ready to paint!! ARE YOU KIDDING ME?! Your freckles were not given to cover up. Sure, you may need some sunscreen, but we all do. You may want to take the extra steps to get dolled up for something fancy, but your skin is the naturally beautiful.
    It's stories like this that infuriate me. How are our daughters supposed to grow up thinking they are beautiful when they are bombarded by airbrushed, heavily painted women portraying that they aren't beautiful unless they fit the mold- or do the 15 steps to flawless skin?
    I am all for makeup. I wear it daily. I know it is vital for us to feel beautiful and teach our daughters how to be attractive. There has to be balance. You are wise. Caroline Ingalls is wise. She would tell Mary Kay where to go.(with a smile, of course.) I advise you to mentally do the same. Then go put on your sunscreen, just because YOU want to.
    (I'm done now) Love you, Robin

  3. I concur with the previous comments. Beauty comes from the inside out. I too am a makeup wearer, but SIMPLE! I just can't believe that all those different skin products are necessary. Hopefully all the time and money I save in complicated skin products I can put towards helping myself BECOME truly beautiful.

  4. I love the freckles!

  5. I TRULY think that bare skin is beautiful (yes, I love freckles also, just not on myself) and that made-up skin is ugly and over the top. I only wear makeup to "go out" anymore. And I don't think I need it. I agree with Robin, it's important to have good skin care and wear sunscreen. It isn't what makes your beautiful, though. Just like it isn't your piles of books that make you smart. It's what's inside you that does that.