Friday, June 25, 2010

United People of the United States

I'm not a soccer fan. Actually, I'm not an any kind of sport fan. I don't mind watching a game now and then, but I don't even have cable, much less the sports channels that some find necessary. I'm not following the World Cup. I didn't see the goal. I heard about it on NPR, but I am pretty sure that it's not the same as watching it with a bunch of devoted fans at a neighborhood pub (wait, does the United States have pubs or just United Kingdom?).

This brought tears to my eyes. Why?

Because we are in a time, under an administration, that is teaching us to hate our country. We are to be citizens of the world, we are to think globally, we are to apologize to anyone who may be poorer, less educated, or more oppressed than American citizens. Our president kowtows to leaders of other nations, as if he were the leader of an inferior nation. If we are proud of our country, we need to repent because we are no better than any other country in the world. But, you know what? We are better than many other countries in the world. If only for the fact that I am typing this without fear, we are better than other countries; for the fact that I will be pulling out four pairs of pink church shoes on the same day that my neighbor sits at home, drinks his beer and watches COPS. I can be proud of my country because we have a volunteer military (and volunteer military spouses) during war. Most major inventions and human advances have found their roots here, in this free land. Yes, we have problems and we have certainly made mistakes, but I don't understand why it is wrong to be filled with a spirit of patriotism for my beloved USA. We are a land of good people who have been blessed with a good form of government.

When Walter Mondale was running against Ronald Reagan, he was way, way down in the polls. At one political gathering, he touted a long list of desires that he shared with that particular group, yet they refused to give him their vote. Mondale, exasperated, finally asked the audience why they were going to vote for Reagan, despite disagreeing with most of his policies. One man in the back spoke up, "Because we feel good about ourselves." (Just a few years before, Jimmy Carter gave his famous "Malaise Speech" where he lectured Americans on the need to be better instead of inspiring the hope and confidence--as a President should.)

So, today, on my sometimes political blog, I give you the reaction to one goal. Millions of us are chanting "U.S.A.!" not just because the ball went into the net, but because The United States of America rocks . . . and we are proud to shout it out to the world.

Please, feel free to disagree with me. (Pun absolutely intended.)


  1. I gotta admit I don't follow your train of thought on this one. Yes, the World Cup rocks, and the U.S. team FINALLY scored a goal in the 91st minute on Wednesday, but under the Bush administration, I was embarrassed to be a citizen of the United States of America. My friends in Brazil have wondered aloud why the Bush administration demanded global polarization. I don't see how strengthening ties with developing and other nations means the Obama administration is "teaching us to hate our country." You imply that President Obama has been telling citizens that "it is wrong to be filled with a spirit of patriotism." I can't help but smile thinking back to Obama's first campaign speeches when I felt a rush of patriotism and a rekindled love for my country that had been stifled by the Bush administration's deadly reaction to the September 11th terrorist attacks.

  2. Paula - It never ceases to amaze me how people think it is unpatriotic of a President to fulfill his SWORN duty to up-hold the Constitution and protect our Nation from enemies foreign and domestic.

  3. I thought I would hear from you, Paula. (;

    There is a wide gulf between humility and shame. Humility is a wonderful virtue--especially in a leader--and a valuable tool in diplomacy. My complaint is that it seems like our current foreign policy is more along the lines of ashamed. There are things in our history of which we should be ashamed, but what makes us great is that we overcome and improve. America, on it's own two legs, inspired the idea of a free world. We rebuild nations with whom we battle. We give generously to the poor and etc. The self-loathing is taught not just by an administration (though I did agree with much of what Bush did, I did not agree with ALL of his policies), but by those citizens who would rather emphasize all that went wrong. Of course we should learn from our mistakes, but lets emphasize the good.

    If only the candidate's speech translated to reality . . . (on both sides of the aisle!)

  4. I get tired of hearing our presidents voices. All of them. I don't really desire to comment on their policies-my ignorance will show, I just find their voices annoying. I like indoor plumbing, being able to vote, antibiotics and contact lenses, but, I think I'd prefer politicians of old...where you might've heard them speak once in your lifetime and the rest you relied on the written word.

    I got chills from the video. I love a people united in a positive cause. (Athletics are positive, right?)

    I love the mothership...and Paula. I also, recognize and appreciate that we are free to all have and freely share our opinions.

    (I love that you used pub. I always say "loo". Someone asked me "what? are you british?" despite having absolutely no british accent)

  5. It's the music in the background that does it to me every time.

    I swear there will background music to every event that happens in heaven.

    I can't believe I enjoyed that video so much and not once did I actually see any footage of the goal or soccer game. Now I am going to have to Youtube the goal.

    It is funny that if you disagree with President Obama, you somehow have a love affair with president Bush. I don't think you said anything about president Bush did you?

    You know, it has been interesting to observe our present administration...and to watch crazy things unfold under their power.

    I really believe we are witnessing scary history with our president. He is putting his mark on America, that is for sure.

    But what we learn from the BOM- that it is ultimately righteousness that saves a country and pride and Godless power that destroys one.

    so with hope, God bless Ameria.

    and GO USA!!!!!

  6. I have not watched more than a few seconds of any of the games as I walked by a TV at work, but after watching your posted video I was sad to see that the US was eliminated today :(

  7. I really appreciated your thoughts on this blog. Really appreciated them. Thanks for writing them. Thank you very much.

  8. Emily, I LOVED this entry. LOVED IT. Every word. Thank you for sharing your amazing thoughts.