Thursday, July 22, 2010

Life is Good

Oh, my gosh, Oh, my gosh.  I am inspired!  I have to share!

Layla, at The Lettered Cottage, posted this today.  If you don't want to click over there, here are the two things that spoke to my soul:  1.  Quote, "I am always doing things I can't do, that's how I get to do them." Pablo Picasso.  I never understood that man, but I understand this.  2.  This video:

Last night I finished reading a (pretty) new children's book.  It is called Where the Mountain Meets the Moon by Grace Lin.  It is an elegant, gentle story that was so uplifting and good.  At first, I worried that since there was no sword play or trolls or action, my children would not like it.  Now that I have finished it, though, I think they will like it because it is interesting and lovely.  Anyway, there is a part in the story that describes a very happy family.  They are so happy, the chickens don't even fight over the grain.  The magistrate wants to know the secret to their happiness, so he sends his soldiers to find out.  The grandfather writes down the secret and the soldiers place it in a treasure chest to hurry back to the magistrate.  On the way, they stumble and the chest falls and breaks open.  The wind catches the paper and it begins to fly away. One soldier, grabs it with just his fingertips and glances at the paper before the wind once again snatches the Happiness Paper.  The soldier can't read, but he knows that written on the paper was the same character over and over again.

What do you think that one word might have been?  I instantly thought of love or kindness.

"I have thought a long time about what that word could have been," said Ba.  "Was it wisdom or honor?  Love or truth?  For a long time, I liked to think that the word was kindness.  But now, I think, perhaps, the word was faith."

That rang true to me.  Faith.  Faith makes us happy.  Faith in God, in others, in ourselves, but mostly faith in God.  Believing that He is in control, that what He has given me was intended for me (the good and the hard).

In the end, the word on the page was thankfulness.  That works, too, doesn't it?  If we are always grateful, we are never lacking.  If we remember to show gratitude for our children, it is harder to lose patience.  If we are grateful for our home (no matter how small or what state of remodel it is in) we will be happy to have it.  If we are grateful for our trials, we will begin to recognize the lessons or skills or joys we are learning.

Anyway, I just wanted to share all of that with you today.  It made me happy and if it makes you happy, too, well, it's the least I could do.



  1. Such a great video, such a great post. I think I'll have to order that book!!

  2. Betsy and I were talking and walking together last night....such a wonderful, simple activity by the way...and I said that I believe that in this world there are the "happy-types" and the "not-so-happy-types". And then we wondered what really made the difference.......Gratitude!!