Sunday, July 18, 2010

My Companion

While working in the garden the other day, my daughter, my weirdest (ie: funniest) child, began the following conversation.

Her:  Mom, why do we call them flower beds?

Me, using logic to deduce the answer, replied:  Well, I suppose it is because it is where we put the flowers to rest.

Her:  Long, thoughtful pause then Geesh.  Flowers are lazy.

Me:  Long thoughtful pause because I had never considered the activity rate of any in the plant world.

Her:  Flowers are the lazy ones.  They could learn from bees.  Bees are the busy ones.

Me:  Huh.

Her:  Bees are like the daycare workers and they are working so hard while the flowers just lay around and don't help at all.

Me:  Trying not to laugh because this particular child is the sensitive type and wouldn't take it well.

Her:  Staring at her hand and then gasping, MOM!!  I just saw myself growing!

(On a recent hike, praying that she wouldn't be bitten by a snake 
while she took care of business behind a sagebrush)

I would be so bored in an office.


  1. She's a hoot! Much like my Elinor, why even try keeping up with their trains of thought-- they are so beyond my own.

  2. Sooooooooo sweet! I am glad you take the time to write these down. :)