Saturday, July 3, 2010

My House--Front View

This is my house.

I took pictures today because, believe it or not, we are nearing the end of our time here.  We may be here another three years, but will most likely be moving when my husband finishes his course work in May.  Since we'll likely have the house on the market in the ugly months of February and March (before the tulips and after the snow), I wanted any future owner of my beloved cottage to see it's summer beauty.

When we first came to this place, there were elm trees literally growing into the roof.  The house was a horrible, faded and dirty pink/peach color with no trim around the windows and doors.  We cut down the invading trees, painted the house, changed the light fixture, improved the landscaping, removed the astroturf from the front steps and watered the grass.

I love this home and it will be hard, very hard, to leave it.  I have never been a serial mover type.  For some, a house is just a house, but I put my whole heart into my home (plus sweat, tears, sore back, slivered fingers, and bloodied knuckles, in this case).  It will be hard to say goodbye.  Good thing I have lots of time.


  1. oh my gosh I can hardly believe that is your house. It looks entirely different. It looks amazing. You have seriously beautified that little place. What a transformation.

    I always get emotional when I leave a place I have lived in. Even silly college apartments- memories and togetherness- a place of refuge and a place of figuring out trials- all inside the walls of where we call home.

    We just sold our jeep last night and I cried when the man drove away with it. Chay found it in a wrecking yard and with his hands fixed it up and we drove it for 2 years- that jeep had a lot of symbolism, a lot of love put into it.

    I didn't cry however when we moved out of the in-law's house...that was more of a relief than anything.

    Take lot's of pictures of your house. Your kids will remember that house. We moved out of our home of 13 years when I was 12. It was such a big deal to me. Again my dad built it, he raised animals on the land, we had a 1/2 acre garden...we had horses- it was so sad to let it go. My mom was a mess too. The last night we were in the house or the last Family home evening we were in the house my mom had us go around to each room and we each had to tell a memory of something that happened in that room. It is still very clear in my head- it was a wonderful way to say goodbye.

    So I'm with you on being sad. A home is everything. Everything revolves around the home- good and bad. It is a huge part of our lives.

    Man, writing this makes me really want to go clean this "special" place.

    The house looks really good EMily. I love the grey.

  2. I too really love what you have transformed you house into: a home! Even I have many memories about this home you have now.

    It will be difficult for you to move, and I think, the older kids too!

    However, we will be thrilled to have you closer, say 500 miles closer!

  3. Astroturf! Been there, ripped up that.

    Love white trim, love it!