Friday, July 9, 2010

Too Much, Again

I have a history of taking on too much at one time.  But, since this is the longest I have NOT been pregnant since 1998, I have balanced hormones and a level head (well, for me).  That, my dear friends, is a recipe for too much at one time.

  • I have scraped the garage and am in the process of priming it.  It must be done now because tomorrow the temperatures are supposed to skyrocket.  
  • I finally had the chance to consult with the ballet people about the web site we traded for tuition.  It is exciting and a challenge and I am in love with the not-cleaning-other-people's-toilets aspect.
  • In order to keep buying new inner tubes for bicycles, barrettes for all the hair, camping food and other summer essentials, I am still cleaning other people's toilets--and floors and windows.
  • My book club's book choice this month is 568 pages.  I am on page 174.  Book Club is on Tuesday.
  • I have all of these darling children and someone must make sure they are fed and watered.
  • Because of all the monotonous jobs in my life, I am listening to a book on tape while I work.  It confuses my already feeble brain to have more than one story running in my subconscious.
  • My fridge is empty again and I feel guilty going shopping without first organizing my coupons.  
  • There is about a month's worth of unsorted coupons on my desk.
  • I know I had been pushing my luck for quite some time with this one, but my two year old just figured out that she doesn't have to stay in the crib when I put her there.  She is tired, tired, tired.  And crying a lot.
  • My daughter, who is usually a pretty good cook, doubled only half of the ingredients in the cookies.  Now I get to figure out what was doubled to try to salvage the bowl.
So that's it, really.  Of course there are the little things like the crumbs on my floor, the laundry in a pile and the calls that need to be made, but that is just noise.  All in due time.

I had a friend in college who used to say he would sleep when he was dead.  And he didn't know what it would be like to be the dad.


  1. I particularly enjoyed this post today because I am GROUCHY! Seriously, grouchy, with no good cause (minus the pregnant thing). My two year old refused a nap today too and I really needed the nap myself. GRRR. I'm so grouchy today that I don't even want to try to get out of my grouchiness. I'm just going to wallow in it. I'll be pleasant tomorrow.

  2. My first job out of high school, and one I had a few years ago, were both night jobs doing assembly work. Tedious, monotonous, boring - the thesaurus doesn't have enough words to convey how soul-suckingly drab a job like that is. :) Audiobooks were the only way I stayed sane.

  3. And you can't just leave us in suspense like that. Were you able to save the cookies?

  4. Yes, I saved the cookies. They just looked a little different. (: