Saturday, July 31, 2010


Here it is!  Outside of my blog, this is the first site programming work I've done.  It was challenging and time consuming, but so much fun.

There are still a few tweaks to make. (That welcome sign is straight, I swear, but it still looks crooked to me--it'll probably go.)  It was fun to work with clients, to discover their tastes and try to meld that into an achievable design.  This is the product of that team.  Overall, the site is done.

I have to tell you a story.  My peers and I have been talking a lot about the concept of choosing the Best use for our time.  The idea is that there are good things to do, better things to do and best things to do.  We all have the same hours in a day, which seem too few, and we need to choose only those Best things to fill those hours.  My blogging certainly can take a lot of time and I have frequently wondered if it is the best use of my time.  I blog because it is a fun outlet for me, it gets me writing and thinking, it has introduced me to some wonderful and talented people, and it is a record, of sorts, of this time in my life.  As a complete side, it has also been a training tool in programming.  I am not satisfied to just use the templates that are out there, I have to change this and re-work that until it is what I want.  Totally not essential, but fun.  I'm sure I could be doing better things with my time, but each time I have had the good, better, best discussion, I just cannot feel guilty about my blogging.  And I was never really sure why.

Then, an opportunity came along.  My son wanted to take ballet from a very prestigious academy.  Prestigious, or in other words, Expensive.  I offered to build a website in exchange for a discount.  They accepted and I suddenly understood why, what seemed like a fun past-time, was beneficial for more than just me.

Today's lesson?  Do what you love.  You never know how it will pay off.

Love always,
The MotherShip


  1. The site is amazing! Way to go! I can't fully get my mind around HOW you made it, and I am very impressed. Way to keep on learning every are such a good example and friend. Can't wait to see you and the family!

  2. The website IS amazing! Good job!!!

    BTW I think the welcome looks off-center because of the M. I wonder if there's a way to compress just the M so it looks more centered.

  3. But I wouldn't have even noticed if you had not mentioned it. Hope your boy enjoys dance - you earned it!