Wednesday, July 28, 2010


My husband had a day off.

We picked him up from work and went to the mountains.

And this, I am not kidding, is what we saw.

This beautiful wilderness was absolutely breathtaking.

The flowers were incredible.  Mountain Lupine, Geranium, Indian Paintbrush, Christ's Paintbrush, Horse Mint, Yarrow, and more, more, more.

Sometimes it seemed artificial, it was so perfect.

At 9260 feet above sea level:

I kept finding myself singing, "I feel my Savior's Love in all the world around me.  His spirit warms my soul through everything I see."

 I couldn't help it.  As I sat at the top of the world, I knew the Creator made this for me--for the restoring of my soul.  I knew the Creator made this--so much beauty cannot be random.  I knew the Creator--His creation cried out it's testimony of Him.

Here I am, getting all religious on you, but if it weren't the gloria's, it would have been

"The hills are alive . . ."

Either works.  I dabbled in both over our twenty-four stint in the flowers.  I know Austria has beautiful mountains, but Maria really should have seen Idaho.

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  1. How about "God bless America"... The pictures are breathtaking and I love the little people in them...