Sunday, August 8, 2010

Hidden in the Notebook

Every year I buy a kazillion 10 cent spiral notebooks.  Lucky for me, my kids are around all of the time and their schooling is done by my side.  This means that I see nearly everything they write.  As those notebooks fill up, I have made a habit of quickly flipping through them to make sure there is nothing I need to keep.  I do this because every once in a while, I find treasures.

The first example is a nineteen point check list my son made in anticipation of a one night stay at a hotel room.  It goes as follows:

  1. Help carry stuff to room
  2. Go to 9th floor
  3. Go to room (watch TV, Sponge Bob, cartoons, etc)
  4. Go downstairs for snack with 2 (I think that means his sister, the second child)
  5. Do whatever on elevator with 2, 3 for 10 min
  6. Snack
  7. Gift Shop
  8. Go to 9th floor
  9. Go to room
  10. Whatever
  11. Maybe go swimming with 2,3,4,5
  12. Get dressed
  13. Ride elevators with 2
  14. Watch TV
  15. Ride Elevator
  16. Me and 2 on 9th floor
  17. Go on every floor
  18. Dinner
  19. Wander around hotel
He was sooo looking forward to this trip.  Now I see why.  Elevators.

Then I found this:

  1. He was hitting us
  2. He was bossing us around
  3. He was telling me to do the dishes
  4. He was telling me my handwriting is bad
My guess is that the nine year old recorded the events while her big brother was babysitting.

But this is my favorite:

Want to go to a movie tomorrow?
Iron Man II?
I'm not positive we can go tomorrow because of Chesterfield.  (A ghost town we had planned to visit.)
Oh yeah.  Let's ask Mom if we can.
(Apparently they asked me and I said, "No."  I was probably telling them to "no" to talking about movies at church.)
Tuesday then?
How much is it again?
$8.50.  I don't have enough to pay for treats, but I have enough for tickets.
Okay, I have that much.
Pop and Popcorn?  I'll pay for tickets.
Oh, yeah!!

I'm pretty sure this was written in church.  I'm so glad that my kids are friends.  And I'm glad I didn't just toss that notebook without checking for these treasures first.

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