Monday, August 23, 2010

I'm Home

Two weeks is a long time to be away.  My husband had an internship near our home town so we decided to make a vacation out of it for the rest of us.  We stayed with The Grandparents (who have taken to calling us The Lost Tribe) during the week he worked.  The second week was spent at a gorgeous lake just barely south of the Canadian border for a family reunion of Justin's side of the family.  I have two weeks of pent-up thoughts and pictures and ideas to share--I'll get to those.

Right now, I'm watering nearly dead grass and taking on the massive pile of laundry that has invaded my laundry room.  The bunch of blackened bananas are begging to made into bread and my mass of offspring need fine-toothed grooming.  I was waiting until we got home before attempting to wean the four year old from her pinky.  (She had sucked her thumb until a year ago when I put the stop-sucking-your-freakin'-thumb-or-you'll-get-a-mouth-full-of-this-nasty-stuff on it.  She switched to her pinky and has never turned back.)  I was also waiting to get organized about school.  (We are trying K12 this year--I'll let you know how that goes.)  There is a list on my fridge of small fixes that need to be made to our house to qualify for FHA buyers when we put our house on the market in six months and many of those fixes need to happen before winter.  I have book clubs to organize,  church assignments to fulfill, and library books that need returning.  It is good to be home, to sleep between my own sheets, to use my own toilet--I can do things there that no coaxing can make me do on a strange toilet.  My table is heaped with mail and papers, my flowers need my love and attention (which I am happy to give).  We have no fresh anything and my fridge houses only really cold water and a door full of condiments.  I need to register the kids for dance classes and finish stocking up on school supplies.  Wowzers.

Whose idea was it to go on vacation?

Today is a get it done day--and I will!

Or maybe I'll just get some of it done.

Or maybe I'll go hide in my closet and suck my pinky.


  1. Where were you for the Reunion part.... Northern Washington, Northern Idaho...or maybe Northern Montana? The Fox clan forever has been pilgrimaging up to a little cabin on the Moyie River near Bonners Ferry, ID. I LOVE it up there and can't wait to get back!!

    The one picture you posted....just immediately took me back to those summers as a kid.....and that wonderful COLD water.

  2. It's not until I see how much another mom does that I realize why I'm so tired--- MOMS WORK REALLY HARD! So do dad, but I'm talking about moms here.

  3. Hallelujah for being home! We missed you. Glad you got to spend time with the family. It's the best thing.