Wednesday, August 25, 2010

School is In

When I walked out to visit my husband in his office this afternoon, this was on his white board:

What the hell does this mean?

Maybe he made it up just to impress me.

I'm so glad that some people want to be pharmacists--I have no brain for it.


  1. Yeah, it looks like gibberish to me.

  2. LOL, hubby's application coding is the same way. What's even funnier is when he tried to explain it to me, LOL. Gotta love the smart man!

  3. Yeah, I checked out one of my husband's notebooks one time and didn't recognize ANYTHING on the entire page. And I thought I was smart. There were equations and symbols in there that I'd never seen. Thank goodness for their desire to slog through it to get good jobs and support their families.

  4. Has Justin ever thought of cooking meth? I heard there is good money in that! ;)