Tuesday, August 31, 2010

School Starts Tomorrow

I know that many of you are sending (or have recently sent) your children off to their first day of school for the year.  You've gone through the ritual laying out of the new clothes/backpacks/school supplies, you have had the how-to-socialize talk (be kind to everyone--especially that one, how to avoid bullies, what to do when you are scared or confused, how to choose good friends, etc.), you've planned a nutritious breakfast and packed a varied lunch, and you have fresh batteries in the camera for the traditional first day pictures.  Many of you are (were) excited to send them back knowing you would be able to clean your house and have it stay clean for up to three consecutive hours.  You know you won't have to take the whole crew to the grocery store or post office or bank.  You are looking at the stack of books you've been wanting to get to all summer.  Tomorrow, you'll get to read in peace.  You might even get to take a nap or go to lunch with a girlfriend.  As much as you are going to miss them, you are going to love that one-on-one time with your sweet toddler.

But me?  I've got a headache . . .

because school is starting tomorrow . . .


Oh, Crap.

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  1. We started Monday and I thought I was ready. New school year, new calling, and all of the unfinished projects of summer remind me that I'm far from it! I'm definately excited- just not ready. I figure I'm doing OK because motivating oneself is half the battle. It's going to be a great Fall.

  2. I like Robin's attitude. I am SOOO ready for school. Not that I have school kids, but because Mike is a school teacher. I love having him home and ther summer and hate sending him back-- but I LOVE structure and my boys are creatures of routine. In my old age I guess I am too. It IS going to be a great fall... :)