Tuesday, August 3, 2010

What We Do

My sister and her family and I and my family each drove towards one another's town and met in the middle.  There is a pretty little camp ground not too far from the highway, so we pitched a tent for a quick camping trip.  The real purpose of this was to switch around the cousins for a week.  But Mollie and I were okay with the getting together part, too.

I love this picture that my husband snapped when none of us were aware.  It's not because it is any kind of a fabulous picture, but because it captured part of the relationship I have with my sister.  We are tending to the children and the home (or campsite) and we are visiting.  Those are the actions, but we are both smiling while we're doing it.  We love doing that short, but rather encompassing list.  

We each love 

our families

our jobs and 

our sister.

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  1. OH I do, love my sister. Thank you for the friend you are to me. Becky and other wonderful friends you have made will ache for the hole you leave in their lives when you move home...but mine will be filled.

    Thanks for sharing your fabulous kids with me. Pod 3 was the only one who didn't make me crazy today! (Pod 1 was just too close to my tall boy to not get some guilt by association (: