Wednesday, September 29, 2010

The Art of Apologizing

Sometimes this little one is a little aggressive in her play.  I mean, she is the youngest of five very active children so she has never had the luxury of gentle doting.  At the same time, she has a great big toddler heart--the kind that makes her run to whomever is hurt or crying and wrap her arms around them.  She is wonderful at comforting and even the maddest child cannot refuse her overwhelming love.

Yesterday, was was playing kind of rough with her big brother.  She threw up her head and hit him in the mouth--right on his braces.  He put her down with a, "Dang It!"  She immediately began to cry because she had hurt him.  I held her and loved her and asked if she wanted to tell her brother that she was sorry.  She nodded and gave a tearful, "Yeah."  We went to him and as she hugged him, I asked if she had something to tell her brother.

"Brother?  Can I watch Veggie-Tales?"

Close enough.
Apology accepted.


  1. the useful information u provided do help the investigation for my group, thanks.

    - Lucas

  2. I love it. Veggie Tales is the ultimate cure. Did you hear my baby singing the Diego song during sacrament on Sunday? I could hear it from the organ stand. SO GREAT!!