Saturday, September 25, 2010

City of Rocks

Justin had an early exam and nothing scheduled for the afternoon.  We took advantage of the beautiful autumn day and went for an adventure.

Just over two hours' drive away is a cool place called The City of Rocks.

This amazing place was on the California Wagon Trail and there were a lot of journal entries about it.

They (the pioneers) signed their names on the rocks with axle grease.  Some have faded away, but many have retained their integrity.

(She was picking the grass seed pods.  She thought it was wheat and wanted me to make bread out of it when we got home.  It reminded me of the time my little brother, then about four, "caught" a fish that was floating on the water.  It was about five inches long, but somehow, my dear mother was able to make a fabulous fish dinner for the entire family out of Levi's fish.  *wink, wink)

It was fun to not be the one to point out that there were people here 150 years ago under completely different circumstances.  I loved when my children began swapping stories about pioneers and found themselves touching the names on the walls; feeling that human connection.  Being the mother to older children is de. light. ful.

We scampered around on the granite the whole afternoon.  Even the two year old would run to catch up calling, "Wait for me, guys!  Wait for me, guys! (Repeat, repeatedly.)"

Four years old and at the top of the world (or at least as close to the top as her mother could allow).

It had so many amazing rock features and formations.  The Earth Science class that my son has had a hard time enjoying suddenly came to life.  When he saw the effects of erosion and weathering, he understood it,  why it is important, and even that it is an interesting thing to study.

Of course, we made the all-important decision that, were we ever a hunted people, we could totally survive hidden in these crazy caves.  With the rabbits, if need be.  (Well, until we ate them all.)

It felt so good to run and climb and play, here at the end of summer.  I love this beautiful world that was created for us.

And I'm glad the roads weren't paved so there wasn't a crowd.  (:


  1. That looks like so much fun. Maybe we'll have to go on a "rocking adventure" sometime. Have a good Sabbath.

  2. AWESOME! I have read about that place, but it is so out of the way... it has to be a destination. I am so glad you went there. Now I want to go. I love the pictures, and it looks llike it was a perfect day. We do live in a beuatiful and interesting world. He loves us...

  3. Mom--we thought of you and Dad several times while we were there. The roads are all dirt, which I know is a challenge on the bikes, but it is a fascinating place. There are a couple of tiny towns (Endicott size) nearby that have little cabins that looked so cute. Just up your ally.

    Betsy--I'm sure there were lots of reptiles that we have not trained our senses to notice, but I'll bet you could go home with a van full. (:

  4. that was the most funnest thing ever!