Wednesday, September 8, 2010

Oh, Man

This last couple of weeks have been doozies!  We started school on September first and it is an entirely new experience.  There will be a lot of changes because, for a family who is used to three to five hours of school per day, these ten hour days are KILLING me.  Here are a bunch of things I've been thinking about.

  • Birthdays aren't usually hard for me.  It's fun to be celebrated--especially for a mom whose hard work is often taken for granted.  I'll tell you what made me feel really old, though.  Today, a man-voice was calling through the house, "Mom?  Mom?" and he was talking about me!  
  • I am going to keep a journal of sorts on The MotherShip Home Schools about my experience with K12.  There is so much to say and even more to work through.   Writing helps me do that.
  • For years I have felt like I have a story to tell, a book to write, but I couldn't get that perfect idea.  It popped into my brain, just now, when I was trying to fall asleep. (This always happens to me, by the way.  Biggest source of my insomnia is thinking.)  I'll let you know how that goes.
  • My mom called yesterday to tell me that she is updating her living room.  You know how you get comfortable with how a place always looks?  I hadn't really noticed that she hadn't updated in a while.  We started figuring and discovered it has been sixteen or seventeen years since Joette sat and played piano while we plastered the walls in paper.  Wow.  
  • My son is a dancer.  I have four girls, but he is my dancer.  We've finally been able to watch a few episodes of So You Think You Can Dance and  . . . well, he doesn't feel so out-in-left-field anymore.  
  • Here is why I watch Project Runway (and, for now, SYTYCD, see above):  there are some incredibly talented people in the world.  I could do without the cheering and the drama, but I watch it for the beauty.  I love beautiful things and could examine a perfectly tailored blouse or flowing cottage garden or moving photo or I could watch an inspiring dance or listen to a fabulous song over and over and over.  So, the shows.  The people just amaze me.  It makes me want to continue to refine myself; to become better.
  • I have a classical station on my Pandora player which I turn to when I need to concentrate.  Because it is music that helps me focus on other things, I often don't really notice what is playing.  Today, however, a song from my junior high orchestra days came on.  I was instantly fourteen.  Mrs. Barr was banging out the accompaniment and I was working my bow across the strings of my cello.  I could smell the rosin, hear the echo of the tiled orchestra room and feel the vibrations of the instrument I held with my whole body.  (That is a wonderful thing about cello, by the way.  You can't just play with arms or hands, it takes the whole body.)  It's not a particularly pretty song.
  • Even though I like to snack while I read, I discovered that I can't eat while reading about the Holocaust.  Or The Hunger Games.
  • A friend was recently divorced.  I had no idea anything was wrong.  It just goes to show that you have to be kind and loving to everyone because you just never know what they're going through.
  • I'm glad it's getting cooler.  I made the season's first batch of pumpkin bars and won over the love of my children before lovingly reminding them that they had twenty-eight more hours of school to finish up.  And chores.
  • We want to move closer to our families (and the pine trees) next spring.  The problem is, we like it here!  The boy is at an amazing ballet school with a male, straight, professional  ballet dancer for an instructor.  People move so they can have this kind of thing for their child and here we are leaving it.  I am so torn!  AND, I've finally got my house the way I like it.
Okay.  I think I'm empty.  Maybe now I can sleep.  


Love you all!


  1. I've found that living close to family is overrated, even when the family is wonderful. There's something about the freedom of being able to have your OWN family traditions. For example, my family, and my husband's family, always have big Christmas dinners on Christmas day. Those a re great--don't get me wrong--but MY little family much prefers to order pizza or Chinese on Christmas Eve and have the leftovers for Christmas dinner and just lazily play with their new things all of Christmas day (and we rarely even bother to get dressed). If we lived near our families, we'd never be able to just hang out at home on Christmas day. Also, on the rare occasion we DO get to spend Christmas with one of our families, it makes it that much more special.

    You should go (or stay) wherever you think you and your family will be happiest.

    I'm going to have to start reading your home schooling blog if you're going to write about K12. If my middle child gets expelled, then K12 is probably the option I'll end up going with. If I'm going to home school, I want everything laid out for me, and I've hear K12 is the best in that particular area.

  2. O.K., pardon all the typos in that comment. I shouldn't try writing anything at 6 am.

  3. I read all that and now I feel tired... No really, I do the same thing, my brain gets into high gear and I think I would do better to just get up and write down my thoughts. Instead, I try to memorize things and think "I need to remember this tomorrow" and then I forget for a few days. Sheesh.
    Now Brandi-- I don't know you but thems fightin' words! Emily NEEDS to move closer to home. :)

  4. I am constantly amazed at the amount of work you do on a daily basis. Being a mom, wife, AND teacher can't be easy and you seem to do it with such grace and a sense of humor.
    I love that you see the beauty in shows like SYTYCD and Project Runway...cause like you, I watch those shows for the beauty and the wonder. I can do without the drama, but to see someone come up with an outfit made of nothing, or dance with emotion is so amazing to me. I wish I were artsy.
    I understand your dilemma about moving. I want so badly to move away from here, and be closer to my family, but I have a good job here and it makes it harder to leave..

  5. Wow! I didn't know you played the cello. Something new about you.

    Oh, and I love that you pick shows for beauty. I don't watch much tv, but I can see your love for those.

    Glad, Pod 1 isn't feeling so out of place. He's almost a teenager and will have another 5 or 6 years of feeling out of place ahead of him. Hate to rush it, right?

    And... good luck with school! I'm sure it'll be amazing, despite the time crunch. Let me know if you need me to take those two little ones for a bit to help out. Or Pods 2 and 3. Such a special day when Pod 3 got her room clean, just so she could come over. I'll sure miss that when you're closer to family. Oh, and I have a pair of pink flip flops outside that I think belong to you.
    THe END!

  6. I always thought I wanted to move close to home...and I think it would be really nice...but Mom died and now Spokane feels empty almost- no real connection. But kids need good Grandmas!!! They just do. So I would move home in a heartbeat if your Mom was my kids' grandma! But ulimately it comes down to prayer and trusting and doing what the Lord wants you to do.

    The cello is my favorite instrument of all time. Oh I just LOVE it.

    I always have book ideas come into my head at the wrong time- and forget the idea soon later- or I will sit down and start to write and I will have 5 really really amazing pages and then BLANK. I am convinced that if I would just throw a book writing slumber party with my greatest most creative friends- that by morning we would all brainstorm and come up with the most perfect fiction story- it would sell millions.

    Good Luck with School Emily. I so so admire you. Keep us posted. I am curious.

  7. I ahve always liked that April, yessir. You listen to her Em...