Saturday, September 11, 2010

Saturday is a Special Day

Every room in my house is a disaster.  There are no clean dishes, no made beds, and no swept floors.  The only good housekeeping news is that I am actually caught up on laundry!

I usually dislike doing garage sales because they are so much work.  But, since we are likely moving before next-year's garages sale season, there are a few things that are actually sale worthy.  I decided this morning that I will sell half the crap in my house next Saturday.  

I will go through every drawer, every box, every pile and I am getting rid of things.  I am determined to have less--a lot less--by this time next week.

Also, today, I will dust every surface, sweep every floor and organized every space.  I may not go to bed until one or two in the morning, but that's not too unusual for me.  Tomorrow, when I wake up to enjoy my Sabbath day, there will be a cabinet full of clean dishes, quick access to whichever book I may need on the organized book shelf and an overall feeling of peace in this often-chaotic house.

It won't look quite like this, but it will be close.

Without all the matching (expensive) boxes.

Or the house plant that will just need water and dusting.

Alright, maybe it will just be clean and ordered, not cute.  But anything is better than that first picture, right?!


  1. So... did you do it? Can you clean up faster than they can mess up? Or did you call up the troops to help?

  2. It was mostly me and I mostly did it. It was good. This morning was lovely. (: