Thursday, September 2, 2010


I am tired, really tired.  I've been kind of in a buzzed daze all day, doing all my tasks with lackluster and impatience.  It is the second day of school and I know it takes a little while to get used to my new demands and routine.  (I, unlike most of the world, am not a routine girl.  Of course we have our version of routine, it's just super flexible.  I'm pretty sure almost every other mother in the world would feel like the world was whirling out of control, if they were in my shoes.  For me, however, it makes life exciting and fresh.  I think that's why I usually like change and surprises.)  I've just a few last minute things to take care of tonight before I hit the hay; little things like get the doggone kids to go to sleep.  (Why, parenthetically, can they keep going so much longer than I?)

So this evening when my husband asked what I had planned for dinner, I didn't know.  I said, "I want peaches and cream, corn on the cob and vanilla malts."  Our son, who was standing in on the conversation, said, "Isn't that two desserts?"  Yes.

As I was serving my family, I apologized for the weird combination and lack of main course.  The nine year old proclaimed, "Are you kidding?  This is exactly the kind of meal a kid hopes for!!"

Which is why they have a mother.

Well, she'll be back tomorrow.  But tonight, they just got exhausted ol' me.


  1. I'm a winner! I've entered more bog giveaways than I care to admit and I'm finally a winner! Thanks Emily. I can't wait for the prize. I really like baking bread bowls and it takes a lot of cookie pans to make more than 3.

  2. I am CRAZY tired tonight as well. Which is why we ate plain eggo waffles for dinner. Lunch wasn't much better--frozen pizza. I'm not proud of myself, but I'm not ashamed enough to vow to do better tomorrow.

  3. We had ravioli lasagna planned - better than it sounds really - but ended up having plain old waffles instead with food storage whipped cream. :) Maybe we'll deal with vegetables another time.

  4. Cold cereal is my standby. Oops! I'm too tired! Who wants cold cereal!