Sunday, October 17, 2010

For Grandma and Aunt Mollie

Though I do post a lot of pictures of my family, most of the time, the picture relates to a story I am trying to tell.

Today, I am using my blog the way most of the thirty-something mothers usually use their blogs:  I am posting pictures for Grandma.

These are not my daughters, but they look like my daughters and were styled and photographed by them.

Today was the Primary Program.  For you not-Mormon types, it is the one time each year when the children present the content of the sacrament meeting, rather than sermons offered by adults in the congregation.  Each of the children, ages three to eleven, say some little thing about Jesus or prophets or prayer.  The children also sing a dozen songs as a part of the program.

So, that means a whole bunch of young children sing on the rostrum in theater-type chairs that bounce.  It also means that their parents are in the congregation far, far beyond their reach.  We had one little boy who kept trying to strip.  His mother was giving him the evil eye from the pew below and the boy just wagged his finger back and forth and mouthed, "No" right back at her.  There was nothing she could do.  We had the usual nose pickers and the singers who are hollering the words so loud that no one could call their songs music.  There were a couple of children who underestimated the power of the microphone and bellowed their lines with a little too much vigor.  There was one little girl who just kept wandering around the seats and another who nearly lost her skirt.  We also had kids who were nervous, but said their little parts anyway.  We had children bearing testimony of Jesus Christ.  We had the sweet sound of children's voices. And no one cried.  It was wonderful.

Pod #2  Age 9.5  

She helps me keep my sanity.  Next up?  Drama.  Wearing some birthday gifts.

Pod #2  Age 7.  
No, despite much pleading, she did not get to bring her fan to church.  I'm pretty sure that would not have ended well.

Pod #1.  Age 11.75  
The oldest BY FAR in today's program, but such a good sport--and a good example to all those younger kids (and a lot of us older kids).

Pod #4  Age 4.92
It is possible that she was the one wandering around the rostrum.  But only slightly possible because she is usually so well behaved.

Pod #5 was not in the program because she is only two years old.  She was dressed and clean, but I forgot to get her picture.  Oh, here.  I'll put in this one of her helping make yesterday's birthday cake.  Can you guess the flavor?  

It has been a good day.  


  1. Wow! They have changed so much since we saw you!!! Cute & grown up. Our Primary program was today - my husband was speaking in another ward (of course) & so I may have voice recorded Jared saying his part. We were not sitting in the chapel-proper but in the extension that is sometimes a gymnasium.

  2. Good Gollie, who can never remember her passwordOctober 17, 2010 at 9:05 PM

    What darling pictures! This Auntie loves them and am so happy the 3rd is wearing the hyper puffy skirt!! Sorry we didn't get a call in yesterday...Hope her birthday was super!

    Love you!

  3. Very sweet pictures of your beautiful children. They certainly are growing up too quickly for my taste. I'm glad you had a good day. Here's to a good week!