Sunday, October 24, 2010


My little brother, Daniel, used to watch Sister Act every day.  His language skills have never been stellar, but he can quote the movie and you can understand it.

I watched the movie with my kids yesterday.  It is the first time I have watched it in a while.  I cried like a baby.  My skin tingled as the once terrible choir pulled together to sing beautiful hymns, Catholic style and . . . well, not Catholic style.

A little later in the movie each member of the choir has a little solo.  None of their voices are great.  They are all average singers.  But when they are given a director who knows how to unite their voices, a miracle happens.  Was I crying because the music was so lovely or because "lost" souls came in off the street or because of the sweet old ladies singing out a life of commitment? Was it because they sing so many of the songs my own mother used to sing?

Or, was I crying because I miss my little Danny singing and dancing along?

No.  It was the old ladies.


  1. So I showed this to Daniel. When he saw his picture his face lit up. "What are you doing on the computer?" I asked... "I don't know" he answered smiling. Then I played the songs and he danced. You made HIS day!