Saturday, October 16, 2010

A Season for Preparations

Autumn was never a favorite season until I met my husband.  We meet on September 7th and married on November 25th.  Falling in love with my partner in forever gave a whole new light to the season.  Fall is now a close second to spring, in my line-up of favorite seasons.

(I'm still new at this scanning business, so things are a little fuzzy . . .)

I love fall because of the long shadows, the crisp edge to the air, the entire color palette, what happens in my kitchen and pulling out the soft and comfortable in my wardrobe.  But one of the things that I love most in autumn is the sense of urgency I feel to get things done before it's too cold to do it.

My first year of college was spent in Hawaii.  It was a wonderful experience in every way, as you can imagine.  (It was also a very difficult year because I was so far from home for my very first experience away from it.)  And, as much as I loved Hawaii, the actual geography of it, I would never want to live there permanently.  It is the same reason I wouldn't want to live in the south or California:  no winter.  No, winter is not a favorite season, but it is a needed one (so we can have the beloved spring and it's tulips).  I love getting ready for winter.  I love the hurried preparations, the final touches that have to happen before the snow flies, all in anticipation of several months of virtual hibernation.  My reading slows down because I know I'll have more time to read in a few more weeks, my inside chores get a little short-changed because there is so much to do outside, and the usual leisure activities are put on hold while I caulk and paint and insulate against Old Man Winter.

This week I am working with renewed vigor on those last few things because I am anticipating the possibility of putting our house on the market before I have enough spring weather to get them done.  It is satisfying to check things off my list and see my house improve with each, sometimes small, improvement.

So, snow?  Please wait.  I'm not quite ready for you.  But, keep your powder dry because I'm going to want you soon enough.  After all, my bedside table is beginning to bow beneath the weight of the reading for those promised snow days.

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