Thursday, October 7, 2010


I love Thursday.  It is the only day of the week where we are not running to ballet or cheer or art class or scouts or activity days or book club.  It is the one day where I can stay home all day and I don't have to wonder if I am missing something or whether I need to get dressed (yes, I sometimes stay in my pajamas until after lunch).  While I enjoy going out now and then, I really prefer to just stay home.  I love my home, I love my people, I love my books and I love making my own schedule.

On another note, school is going better around these parts, though I am afraid the virtual academy may kick us out of their school for non-compliance.

I am having the children do the assignments the way I want them done.  (For instance, they want to teach the child to read an analog clock by estimating the time.  I disagree with that.  If they can count by five's, they can read the time.  Leave estimation for when they understand the abstract idea of "about.")  I am still very happy with the sixth grade math.

We still have a lot of this--laying around and doddling for hours, then hustling through work moments before time is up.

So it goes.  Life is good, right now.  The cold weather is threatening so I am racing to get the outdoor projects done before it gets too cold or wet.  I wish I had a fireplace because I want evenings in front of one.  The grocery shopping is done for the month so my pantry is full.  My husband loves me, my children take me for granted, and my laundry and dishes are backed up; all is right.

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  1. My favorite picture is of the boy with pajamas, no shirt, & a coat. We dress like that at our house too. :)

    Grocery shopping for a month? I am intrigued.