Thursday, October 28, 2010


I am happy today.  We just had our first day of school the old way.  It is great.  The children were cheering.  They are happily and busily working away at the kitchen table.  I am supposed to be changing all of the password protected time controls to conform to the new/old school schedule.  Instead, I'm writing to tell you all that I'm happy.

Bad news:  last night I slept for fifteen minutes and was awoken by some child doing something noisy.  I was awake until three in the morning.  Good news:  I read Peter and the Shadow Thieves.  It was a fun story.  I was delighted to be reading during my insomniac episode rather than folding laundry like usual.

Tonight is the season finale of Project Runway.  It has been a most disappointing season.  There is not one designer that makes my skirt fly up and there is usually a couple--at least.  I'm going to watch the episode (because I read my book instead of folding laundry last night so I have several baskets to fold tonight), but if Gretchen wins, I will be REALLY disgusted.  Her clothes are just blech.  If the models look ugly or fat, what hope do the rest of us have?

It is October 28th and we have not purchased or carved pumpkins.  I have not put together one costume.  I did not buy Halloween candy.  I am a total failure, but I don't really care.

We are going to focus our studies on the 1880's.  I did not realize how many really important things happened during that decade:  Kodak, phonograph, telephone, Tom Sawyer and Huck Finn, the time period of Little House, Garfield, a Russian Czar and Jesse James were assassinated, there was an assassination attempt on Queen Victoria, and there was a huge volcanic eruption and tsunami in Indonesia that killed 36,000--sound familiar?  So fun!!

I bought the cute little boxes of Barnum's Circus Animal Crackers for which I would have died as a child.  You know the ones with the little string handle?  My son said, "Ew, I don't like those."  What have I done wrong?  How can he not be wild about a treat that would have been so exciting for me?  I'm beginning to doubt my mothering skills.

I finally discovered the source of the leak in my basement.  It is a result of children hanging on the pipes.  I'm so happy about everything else that I'm not even mad!  It's an easy fix.

Autumn is in full swing; the trees are full of brilliant leaves, the ground is carpeted in crunchy ones.  The air is crisp and cold and I am baking nearly every day.

Before I pulled my sorry behind out of bed this morning, the children had swept and vacuumed the living/dining room and completed their entire Morning Five (make bed, get dressed, say prayers, brush teeth and hair, and tidy room).  It is a miracle.

It's Thursday so I don't have to go anywhere.  I can stay in my yoga pants all day!

What a great day, huh?  Hope you have a great day, too!

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  1. I love these kind of stream of consciousness posts. I love getting to see the workings of your mind. I'm glad the day was shaping up so well for you. I think we need to meet soon for a good long chat. Think on it.

  2. Sorry you're not sleeping. :( Let me know if you need me to keep some kiddos so you can take a nap.

  3. I LOVE those Barnum animal crackers and I still get excited when I see the box.