Monday, November 1, 2010

Halloween 2010

In no particular order . . .

"Army Girl"
Last minute mom couldn't find any camo face paint so we used soot from the fireplace.  The leaves in my front yard, by the way, were hauled in by this one.  She was sad that we didn't have any, so she went to the park with the wagon and dumped them there.  

"Fancy Witch"
Please notice the fingernail polish.  It was her favorite part of the costume.

"Cow Girl"
I mean, come on.  D.a.r.l.i.n.g.  She was "twins" with her mama.  We didn't really look the same, but we were both cow girls.  I wore my 1995 Lilac Princess country themed outfit.  I forgot to take a picture.

I did not tell him to make that face.  He was made for the stage.  The girls loved that they could call him "dork" all night . . . and not get in trouble.  

Well, she was a spider, but she kept calling herself 
This is the first time I have purchase a cheap-o costume for Halloween.  I'm telling you, I was tardy this year.  Waiting until the last minute did mean a $4 costume, though.

The big boy holding the hand of his little sister.  I love that.

Look at this face.  We need to get her to the hills.  Fast.

Goodbye Halloween.  I'm so over you.  On to November.


  1. Great costumes! I especially liked the ... well, I liked them all.

  2. That was some good last minute resourcefulness!
    I love the nerd-- it comes more naturally to some!

  3. They look so wonderful! I'm sorry I missed it. The only trick or treaters we had was the Erickson grandkids and a general authority...